Youth4Him Home

Who is Youth4Him?

Our Mission

We are a global community of faith, established to glorify God. We exist to bring youth closer to Christ, and to make Him known to all the world (Mark 16:15). We are lead by God to do his work, and we measure success by what pleases Him. We are encouraged by the words of Paul, and will strive everyday to fight the good fight, complete the race, and above all, keep the faith (2 Timothy 4:7).

The Company

We are a company of believers, wishing to perform work in this world that will do one thing: Glorify God. As we are not a church, or denomination, we are also not a nonprofit organization. We exist not to build wealth, but to build community.

The Content provides content that both inspires and challenges. We offer multi-layered perspectives, both from those that live the life as Christian Teens, and those that lead them. It is in this way that we can join together this global heart and mind for Christ.

We understand that there can be different interpretations of some sections of the Bible. Although we love the dialogue and learning that comes from differences of opinion, our real goal is to grow in Christ, rather than concentrate on those differences. We are one faith, and pray that we will grow in that way.

Our Community

We wish our community to feel like a technologically pumped youth group. So, pull up a couch, kick your shoes off, and open your hearts to what your fellow young Christians and God have to offer.

What Else Does Youth4Him Ministries Do?

Youth4Him Ministriesis a division of Beartooth Web Development. Beartooth Web Development provides a complete web and graphics design solution, including web design and development, graphics and logo design, email services, consulting, and web hosting. It is through Beartooth Web Development that is funded. Special services and pricing are available for churches and other non-profit organizations, including a special program called Network of Faith.