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Who is Pastor Jack?

Pastor Jack is the pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church of Paris, IL., an independent Baptist church.

I am soon to be 51 but young at heart, actually a little nutz at times. I love a great variety of Christian music of various styles and direct our church choir. I am an avid hunter, primarily bow hunter having taken some really great whitetail bucks and we eat the meat. To see a picture of me with my last two whitetails, go to or

My wife of thirty one years in June is Jill, you know, Jack and Jill. We have three sons, two here on earth and one in heaven, two daughter-in-laws and four grandchildren, the oldest being in second grade.

I have a bachelors and Masters degree from two different institutions of higher learning. I write a weekly newspaper column for our local paper, the Paris Beacon News, called Fresh Air, Outdoors with Jack Hoffman.

I am a state certified hunter safety course instructor, teaching at least two classes of students each year. I got saved at 7 years of age and I love the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart.

As you probably guessed I really enjoy writing and hope to be able to develop my gift until the Lord comes or He takes me home.

My wife and I like to go to concerts and auctions together, and we love to travel, camp out, and go boating and fishing together also.

I believe in writing out what I have in my heart for if something impacts me, it probably will someone else. I believe in being brutally honest and practice transparency and have no pretension about who I am. I hope that I can be used by God to help someone else.

In the future I hope to open a web site that will have my various writings and devotionals available, etc.