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Now What Do I Do?

Okay, so you've made the leap into the loving arms of Christ. Now comes time to wipe the tears from your eyes, the dirt from your knees and take this awesome feeling of the Holy Spirit out into the world. But what does thatHoly BIble mean? Are you supposed to grab a bible and start screaming the gospel from the corner of the gym? Not quite, but here are some things you can do.

Tell those you love what has happened to they won't notice the new look on your face and the glow you carry. Don't forget to share it with us too!

Start reading your bible. If you don't already have one, get one. There are lots of places to get them including here, or you can probably get one for free at your local church. If you can, find a bible with some sort of devotional built in. The God's Word for Students Bible is a great choice, but it might be hard to find. There are many others to choose from that are specifically written for students. Here are a couple of suggestions from Pastor Joe:

  • Students Life Application Bible: NLT - This bible is easy to read, and it has a lot of helpful aids, commentaries, character summeries, and just lots of stuff. Students should be able to find pretty at much any major book carrier.
  • The Youth Bible - This Bible has a topical subject finder, a "Where does it happen in the Bible" index, "sidelight" notes throughout and DEVOTIONS! This bible is somewhat of a rarity due to containing both devotions and other important bible study tools.

Don't forget, also has an awesome devos.

Find someone or a group of someone'sPraying Hands to study the Word with. Bible studies are a fantastic way to build your faith, your love for Christ and those that love Him too, and also to learn a ton about who He is and what He says in the bible.

Pray a lot. Give thanks, ask for constant forgiveness (we all sin all the time), pray for those you love and those you don't love so much (the bible says we should do that,) pray for anything that is on your heart, and give your life, all of it, to Jesus. Don't know how to Pray?

Find a Youth Group. Seek out friends that go to a Youth group at a local church. You can also search Youth4Him for one.