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Whatever State You're In
Krissy, 18


"Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content." Philippians 4:11


I do not know about you, but occasionally I wake up in a different state than the one I slipped off to sleep in. My body may stay at the same location but at times my mind and spirit go on vacation. Some trips are better than others.

I have visited the "state of confusion" on several occasions. It is a noisy, unnerving place. The "state of worry" is a place I sometimes find myself in. It is known for the large shadows that are cast upon everything. The "state of dis-ease" is a far too familiar place as I have not merely journeyed there on occasion but was forced to stay there under very unpleasant circumstances for long periods of time.

I once traveled from a "state of hope" to the "state of hopelessness" at the speed of light. Fortunate for me, I brought my "road map" so my best Friend Jesus could help me find a route that took me to "the state of grace…leading to glory."

The "state of forgiveness" is one of my favorite places. It is warm and the Son shines brightly. The "state of joy" is a fun place where hearts are light and free.

Of all the states I have traveled my personal favorite is the "state of total surrender." It is a beautiful place with an atmosphere that can only be likened to paradise. There is nothing but glory there with brightness streaming out from every nook and cranny. If I had to make a move and stay there forever this is the state I would choose.

Unfortunately, we do not always get to choose what state we are to visit or even live in. The circumstances and situations of life move us from here to there. God’s will and purpose plans trips for us as well. We have a non-refundable ticket and must go.

Paul the apostle made a very powerful statement when he said, "I have learned whatever state I am in to be content." I believe that we need teaching in this area so that we can learn this principle ourselves.

Godliness with contentment brings great joy. That means that if we are content regardless of confusion, worry, disease and so many other negative places we find ourselves in that we can experience joy regardless. Knowing that the joy of the Lord is our Strength we can be assured that we will gain strength and provision for future travels as well.

Today, what state did you wake up in? Are you able to find a sense of contentment there knowing that your Father has your entire lifetime mapped out in a manner that will bring glory and honor to Him? Let’s take a lesson from Paul and choose to be content no matter where are journey leads. One state always leads to another and we have the best traveling Guide at our side. May our "travels" be experiences that bring us closer to Our Lord Jesus Christ!


"Father God in Jesus' Name we come to You once again. Every day Your grace is revealed to us in a deeper way, and we see that You are Faithful, Loving, and True. We have so much to be thankful for in our lives. You have promised to supply our every need according to Your riches in glory. You have never failed us and You never will.

Help us to learn to be content no matter what "state" we are in. In the good times and the bad we know that You still are Our God and we find comfort in that. We want You to be our Guide on life's journey so we surrender to You right now. Be our Guide, our Traveling Companion, and our Strength for the journeys. In Jesus Name!" - Amen

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