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Up, Up and Away

"I look up toward the mountains. Where can I find help? My help comes from the Lord, the maker of Heaven and Earth. He will not let you fall…The Lord guards you from every evil. He guards your life." Psalm 121: 1-3,7

Lois Lane drives her car into a ditch made by a huge earthquake….what happens? Of course, Clark Kent does his thing in the phone booth and flies out to save her (actually, he was too late, and had to do that fly around the earth backwards thing, but stay with me...) Superman was the guardian of all Metropolis, helping all those in need. The problem was, you get one little piece of kryptonite near the guy, the folded like a wet noodle. Superman had a weakness, and he could never help everyone all the time with their needs (I don't remember anyone calling Superman when they were feeling depress, or worried, or guilty, do you?)

God, on the other hand, has no weaknesses, he is will us all the time, in every way, and He helps us with whatever we need, no matter what it is...and the coolest thing? He already knows what we need even before we ask. So, the next time you need help, don't look for the guy in the funny tights, call on Jesus, and He will come to protect you, save you, and above all, Love you.

"Dear Jesus - We know you watch over us, and guard our lives, we thank you for that, and submit to you all of our needs." - Amen

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