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True Love

“Jesus Christ is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever.” Hebrews 13:8
Looking for love this Valentine’s day? How about after Valentine’s day and next Valentine’s day? Think you’ll have a crush on the same person by then? Think you’ll have the same boyfriend or girlfriend by then? Chances are, you won’t. This passage makes it clear that Jesus will be the same yesterday, today and forever. That includes his love for us...FOREVER! Ever stop and think about the word forever? It is a big word. The possibilities are endless. We can’t even conceive the fullness and extent of the idea of forever. Yet, the love of Jesus is bigger and way beyond it. Jesus loved you before your first V-day, has loved you every V-day you’ve been alive, and will love you every V-day until you die. That’s way more than any boyfriend, girlfriend, or even future spouse could ever come close to. So before you spend all kinds of time and $ on your valentine this year, take some time to let Jesus know you love him, and are thankful that He loves you better than any valentine ever could!
"Dear Jesus, help me to realize the true meaning of Love. Thank you for showing me the ultimate love every day of my life." - Amen

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