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Time is Flying
Krissy, 18


"What I mean, brothers, is that the time is short." 1 Corinthians 7:29


Just think... January is already over!! Wow, it seems like just yesterday it started.

When I think of how fast time is going it makes me think of how much we need to use all the opportunities we can to encourage others to stay close to God and those who are lost to get saved. I know heaven is going to be a wonderful place. We can't even imagine it all. The river and tree of life and the golden streets, wow! I think there will be so much joy, the talk will never stop. Might have to be told to hold it down even, hehee.

I think one fantastic thing about heaven is, we will "know" them. We most likely will have lots to learn about but that awesome "family feeling" will be with us forever. The feeling we belong and we are never leaving. No more "good-byes" ever, and no more missing someone. No more pain and no more tears. At times I can hardly imagine no tears. I can hardly imagine joy all the time not just when something good happens. One of the other big things for me, and I know it's this way for others, is we will never be lonely again. Never be by ourselves and doing things alone, what joy that will be!!!

With Jesus in us, and His light shining out from us, we have a piece of Heaven in us!! Let us each one be salt and light in this dying world because each day we are one day closer to when He gives the "call." Are you Ready!!!!

"Jesus, let us realize that our time on Earth is short, that we may do everything we can for your kingdom." Amen

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