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Spiritual Workouts
Krissy, 18


"Therefore I run in such a way, as not without aim...I buffet my body and make it my slave." 1 Corinthians 9:26,27


I'd like to invent a spiritual workout system with machines similar to those in health spas that can zero in on specific muscles you want to develop. My spiritual spa would be a place with individual stations where muscles of the faith would be purposely developed, a place where we could be intentional about cultivating spiritual stamina.

My first station would help bridle the tongue when it is tempted to say harsh words, and toughen it up when it needs to speak out boldly for the Lord. It would build control of our gossip muscle, and teach us to clean up our language.

I'd have a station that addresses the faith muscles of the eyes. Above this machine would be pictures of biblical heroes whose lives were ruined when they lost control of their eye muscles-Samson and David, who were deceived when they allowed their eyes to gaze too long upon the opposite sex.

I would also have a machine that works on the spiritual muscles of the neck. It would increase flexibility in those who have become "stiff-necked"-especially those who are too proud to admit mistakes, too stubborn to ask for forgiveness or too arrogant to admit they need to depend upon God.

I'd have an exercise that would require a person to be on his knees, with neck bent downward in prayer. Prayer loosens muscles that are tied in knots by worry, pressure or long hours of hard work.

Sweating yet? Any increase in your heart-for-God rate? Out of breath? Sore? Like any good workout, it wouldn't be good to overdo it the first time out...or can it be overdone?

What areas of spirituality in your own life need strengthening? What pressures keep you from devoting more time each day to spiritual disciplines or "workouts"?

"God, give us the courage to exercise your faith daily and grow stronger in Jesus Christ." - Amen

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