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Krissy, 18


"Honor shall uphold the humble in spirit" Proverbs 29:23


"Spam!" Everyday I recieve email saying, "This is not spam, you have either asked for mail from me or you are on a list with me." Well, I did not ask for the mail and I'm not one to toss email unless it's to do with sexual things.

AOL gave me a special account to send large email mailing at one time. I was very happy about this but over time I kept getting on more and more lists and with AOL changing their filters recently, they said I was on an account that wouldn't stop large mailings. However, AOL didn't get it set just so and when I sent three emails one right after another to the lists I'm on, they kicked me off for spam. I had to wait 24 hours before I could sent to all lists again and I got a new they gave me.

Spam!!! Hundreds of people are sending out spam by the minute and ISP's are saying they are cathering to the ones who don't want spam. I don't want spam but I don't want those punished who have large emails to send at one time.

Spam is like sin. We don't want it but we get it anyway. Now, it's up to us to "do" something with it. Those of us who are not in the Word and weaker ones will open the spam look at the temptation, some will even give into the temptation. Strong Christians will not open it but toss it and get rid of it right away.

We have spam in our lives we need to TOSS and get rid of! Sin is sent to your life by the enemy saying, "You want this! You can't get rid of it, you need it to have fun and enjoy life."

Look inside you and see what needs to be TOSSED to the greatest ISP "Inside Service Provider" in the universe! "Delete" all that is not devoted totally to Him. "Close" areas that are not on fire for Him. Click on "add/remove" to clean the inside of you and "help" from Him. If you are having trouble with what to put in your heart, hit "find" and wait for the ISP to "update" you. If you need some time to get everything clean, hit "suspend" when done, click "refresh." If you find something returns unwanted, click "back" and if necessary press "Alt, Ctrl, Delete" and start all over! Hit "send" when you have given Him all your heart. After you are clean from Sin.....hit "run"

As the enemy keeps sending sin....turn up the sound blaster! adjust the display settings to show more of Him and key "Return"

As for me and my spam warning, well....I'll just hit "any key!"

"Dear Lord, help us to turn away from the Spam of Sin in our lives, help us to rid ourselves of those things that are not of you." - Amen

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