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Shut Up and Listen

"My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me." John 10:27

Have you tried going out for a nice, peaceful walk lately? You know, get "away from it all", get back to nature, "listen" to the quiet sounds of God's green Earth? Well, unless you're a lumberjack, fat chance of hearing anything but car horns, pagers, cell phones, radios, tv's, and other signs of the modern age. Do you ever wonder what God thinks of all this noise, and how hard it must be for Him to get through to us? This brings us back to the subject of prayer, and the fact that it is supposed to be a 2-way communication time with the Father. Many times, our prayers are simply a reflection of the noisy world we live in..."God I need this, do this, help me with this, thanks for this and that, etc. etc." Then, 3 seconds after we say, "amen," we're back hitting redial on the cell phone gabbing about the latest episode of Friends. That time is probably one of the most important parts of prayer...listening to what God has to say to us. I think we all struggle with this, because in our mind, we've done our part, now it's up to God to deliver. Well, it's time to stop, get quiet, and listen to the answers to the prayers we are lifting up. Maybe you'll hear an answer, maybe you won't, but if you aren't listening, you'll never know.

"Dear Jesus - Hear our prayers and help me to be still and listen to your answers. Thank you for your love and your direction in my life. Show me the way to be closer to you." - Amen

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