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Satan Knows Jesus
Krissy, 18


"And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent." John 17:3 KJV


I saw a sign on a small billboard in front of a church the other day that read "Satan knows Jesus and he isn't in Heaven." It made me stop to think what that really meant. Satan does know Jesus. There is a relationship between them, but not the kind that brings one to heaven. Satan does not reside in Heaven, because he turned from God. So this means that just knowing Jesus doesn't get you into Heaven. Just knowing Jesus, His life story and the things He has done isn't enough.

This is often called book knowledge, you know the stories and the facts but that doesn't do it. You need heart knowledge, a longing to love and honor God, a deep desire to be His child and follow Him. The difference here is a love relationship. You need to know Jesus not only personally but you need to have an intimate love relationship with Him. You need to follow with growth in Bible study and Christian fellowship. Just knowing and even admiring Jesus, His life story and the things He has done isn't enough.

When Jesus enters your heart, you become one and the Holy Spirit dwells in you. You feel the difference. If you haven't felt the difference of knowing Jesus or really knowing Him, do this now. All it takes is a sincere heart and a prayer to God. Many a man will stand at the gates of Heaven and say they knew who Jesus was, even believed in what He did and that He was a great man. Many a man will be turned away because this head knowledge wasn't enough. Make sure your heart belongs to Jesus, make sure you know the difference.

"Father, we want to know you, not the way that the world may know you, or the way that Satan knows you. We want to know you the way that your only Son knows you. Thank you for loving us, and wanting to know us." - Amen

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