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"Pray Continually. " 1 Thessalonians 5:17


Yup, that's it! Two whole words. If you had trouble understanding it that way, another way to say it in two words would be ALWAYS PRAY! I know that most of us grow up learning to pray at certain times. Before we eat, before we go to bed, and maybe a few other points throughout the day, but that's about it. That brings us to 4. 4 times a day is all that we should pray. WRONG! Prayer is such an important aspect to connecting with God and having him be a part of our lives. So why aren't we doing it MORE!

This verse is so simple, one of the shortest in the Bible, yet is probably one of the most meaningful. I love the Bible's simplicity in it's instruction. Most instructions can be given in one word. FOLLOW! (Christ) LOVE! PRAY! That's about it. The Bible in three words. Let's talk a bit more about prayer.

Prayer is essential to our lives. Whether or not you're willing to admit that yet is up to you. But what can it hurt? We should be in the mindset to say brief little prayers over everything that happens in our day. Got a test? BOOM! Pray. Need to help a friend emotionally? BOOM! Pray. All throughout the day like that. Not long involved prayers, short, "God thanks for this friend, give me strength to help her." That's it! All over the place. On your way up from the bottom parking lot? "God bless this day. May I please you." BOOM! Just like that! I'm not saying long prayers aren't important. The 4 times a day I talked about earlier are ideal for the long ones. But I want to encourage you to step up your prayer life. I guarantee the Lord will bless you for it. Pray Continually.

"Dear Lord, we do not come to you enough in our lives, and leaving you out will cost us. Bless our lives through every thing we do, may we hear your voice and call to you continually." - Amen

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