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"When he had received the drink, Jesus said, 'It is finished.' With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit." John 19:30


Many people in this world, of all faiths, including Christians, still believe that there is something we must DO in order to receive the salvation and grace of God. This is simply not true.

When Jesus said, "It is finished," he did not mean that the end of the crucifixion had come, or that his ministry had ended, or anything of that nature. In the original Greek, the phrase, "It is finished," meant PAID IN FULL or Tetelestat. Tetelestat is what would be written on a certificate of debt during those times when the debt had been paid. In those days, when you owed someone a debt, you would be put into prison for a period of time in order to repay that debt. When your time was up, your certificate of debt would be stamped with Tetelestat, or PAID IN FULL.

When Jesus died on the cross, he did so in order to pay for all of our debts. He didn't do that so that we can have a chance to earn our salvation through good works, through keeping the commandments perfectly, or by being a "nice" person. There is only one thing that we have to do in order to accept this gift that he has given us on the cross...believe in Him.

We are imperfect in our nature, and can NEVER do enough in order to earn our salvation. It's impossible, as we sin all the time, and cannot achieve the perfection that Jesus demonstrated here on Earth.

Jesus came here to pay our debts. Accept that you can't do anything to earn this gift. Accept him as you personal savior and change your world forever.

"Jesus, we know we will always fall short of your glory and of your perfect nature. Thank you for dying for our sins that we may know you for all eternity. May we all come to you humbly, knowing only you can save us." - Amen

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