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Don't Quit
Krissy, 18

"Be strong and do not give up..." 2 Chronicles 15:7

You may feel defeated at the moment, but you're not finished. That happens only when you quit - and quitting isn't an option for you! Can you think of one quitter - just one - who ever accomplished anything worth remembering?

When John Wesley was forbidden to preach in a certain church, instead of giving up, he went to a nearby cemetery where his father was buried and, using his father's tomb as a pulpit, he preached and won souls to Christ. John Knox, founder of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland, often had to be helped up the steps into his pulpit. But once he was there, he preached with such passion that a nation turned to God.

One night, George Whitefield returned from a preaching tour, extremely tired. As he lit a candle and prepared to climb the stairs to his bedroom, he noticed a group of people gathered in front of his house. So he invited them into his foyer and, candle in hand, preached his last message from the stairway. That night he died in his sleep.

Storms come for a reason. They also come for a season. Discover the reason and become wiser. Outlast the season and become stronger - but never, never quit! Jesus had a purpose for getting through the storm - to bring help to a man on the other side. And God has a purpose in your getting through it, too; one that will affect the lives of others. So,"be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded."

"Lord, we pray that you will not let us quit, that you will show us the way to persevere through strife and hardship, just as your Son taught us to." - Amen

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