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Do You Believe?
Pastor Joe


"And he died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again." 2 Corinthians 5:15


Do you believe it? Do you really believe it? Is it even believable? Have you even thought about it lately? Maybe it's time you do. What do you think? Did some dude die specifically for you 2000 years ago? Let's say yes. Let's say that he did die, so that all you've done wrong doesn't matter any more. What does that mean to you? Does it mean anything that one person care about your life so much that he would die for you so that you may spend forever in heaven? This means the world to millions, and there are millions who center their entire lives around this event.

Are you willing to acknowledge this? Many of you reading this may have actually already made a commitment to believing this; so what's your life centered around right now? You? Your sport? Your boyfriend or girlfriend? Where the party is this weekend? If so, what does that say about your life? That you've become comfortable with a selfish lifestyle, seeking only your own pleasure and well being with shallow things? Are there other things more important in life that can be focused on?

For those of you that have made a commitment to Christ in the past, take a minute to close your eyes and think about when you did. Why did you? What did you feel when you did? How do you live that out now? Do you stick up for it with friends or at school? Or have you forgotten. Have you forgotten about the most important thing that has ever happened for you? Or have you just ignored it?

If so, what changed? Why did you forget? Why are you ignoring it? What would you have to do to honor Christ again?

A lot of questions here, aren't there? I don't ask these questions to offend you or upset you. I ask you these questions because, most likely, at some point in your life, you viewed them as important questions. If you haven't, I ask you to consider them as important questions. Questions that matter and that you may be willing to answer, all in favor of pleasing God. If at one point you did and that's changed, I simply ask you why?

We are coming up on the most important time of the year in Easter. The time when Christ died, and overcame that death so that all of us may have joy in life, both now and forever. Think about that a lot during these months. And actually, that part up there where I had you close your eyes; that is something Christians are called to do EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR to be fully participating in God's plan for our lives. Isn't that act worthy of honor our whole lives and worthy of change if we need to? Consider this now, because later might not be soon enough.

"Lord, help us to question those things in our lives that lead us from you instead of to we approach the most holy of days, help us to commit to the love you have given to us with our whole lives." - Amen

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