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Notice - July 1, 2009

We began this ministry for Christian Teens way back in 1998, and God has blessed us and others greatly through it. Alas, all ministries have a life span, and with the growth of new media in both secular sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and others, and great Christian sites such as Tangle, Youth4Him is no longer poised to reach the audience it once could. In addition, personal, family, and vocational commitments require so much time, it is all but impossible to devote the time required to take Youth4Him to the next level.

It is with some sadness, but with a grateful heart that we announce we will no longer be updating Youth4Him. We will maintain the site as a static archive for reference and because there remains a tremendous amount of useful and God-serving information on it.

Thank you to all who contributed along the way, God Bless! If you have questions or comments, please feel free to email us.