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What Are You Wearing?
Gene, Youth Pastor

Abercrombie & Fitch, I mean Abercrombie and Filth. I think sometimes as a society we become desensitized (insensitive or nonreactive to a particular object) to what the world is trying to sell us, and how they are trying to do just that. I am very disturbed by the fact that A&F started out by using young teens to model their product. Young ladies being shown wearing scimpy or little as possible, basically anything to make a buck$!!

Using young men to model clothes by wearing no shirts explicit shorts, pants unbuttoned so far, etc. The scheme sends a false message first of all that you must be skinny and look like a model to wear their clothing and to the guys, if you don't look like this well you need to get busy. Maybe at first I came down to hard on A&F, but now I don't think so. They have resorted to being a part of the XXX scene by advertising along porn stars and such. Do we want our young people wearing and supporting such FILTH?!!! <><

Before long they probably will be producing porno films involving young innocent teens wearing their clothing line. Mad, is what I am. You see, I am a youth pastor and I am in the business of reaching teens and telling them about Jesus. Well, you say, "You're being to rough on A&F, WWJD, now just what do you think Jesus would do? Maybe Jesus would react just the way He did when money changers were caught selling stuff in His fathers house. Is it not the same thing that they A&F are selling a dirty product to the future of our society, not as much as selling a dirty product, but the way they do it and now with the whole porno scene? I almost believe Jesus wouldn't have stood around and said nothing. What bothers me more is that not only are christian teens wearing A&F clothing, but I see youth pastors as well. I don't know if they don't really know or that they just really don't care one way or the other as long as it is cool in the public's eye to wear A&F.

If you really want to make a fashion statement and make a difference in someone's life, wear christian clothing and their are plenty out their. On the outside they may not appear to be as fashionable but the inside to what it says has a whole lot more to do with WWJW, What Would Jesus Wear? We don't go around wearing I'm a satan fan, well if you wear A&F stuff, what are you saying?