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This is Me, Take It or Leave It
Carrie, 16

Okay, here is a situation: you and a friend are talking about a concert you went to a few days ago and the person near you happens to over hear. He asks "Hey, who did you go see?". "Michael W. Smith, Third Day, and Max Lucado (in other words the Come Together and Worship Tour)" is your simple answer. Then there is a blank look on this other kid's face, "Who?". You have briefly forgotten that not everyone in the school is as versed at Christian music as you are. "They are some christian artists that are pretty cool." says your friend when you are thinking. "Wait, does that mean you go to church. (you nod) Really? You do? Wow. That's cool I guess, I mean if you're into that kind of thing."

Since when has church become 'that kind of thing'? Is being a Christian so uncool that teenagers just decided their image was just too important? Personally, I couldn't careless about what being a christian does to my image, and a lot of my friends don't really care either. But hey, if you care, that's cool I guess, I mean if you're into that kind of thing.... Also, is there that group of people, or even that one person, that constantly pick fights, and discussions, and constantly just annoys you with "'re a Christian...that's funny...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA"? If there isn't, consider yourself lucky. Someone at my school actually thinks that I care if he laughs at me because of my faith. He thinks that somehow he can get me to abandon all that I believe just because of him. Well, I have news for him: IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!!

If you have these problems too, just don't pay any attention to those people that try to bring you down and make you abandon God. Try to surround yourself with people that bring you up, and that hold the same, or at least similar, beliefs that you do. And remember, you might have to put up with these people for High School, but God will be there for your entire life. Peace and God bless!