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Stag to the Prom
Carrie, 17

Last May as a junior I attended my junior prom. Like most girls I had gone out months before hand with my mom and my best friend looking for that perfect dress. Unlike most girls, I found it on the first trip. It was red, with spaghetti straps and a little diamond button at the hip. All I needed now was a date, or did I? In February my friends and I decided that we weren't ready to date in high school. In other words, God was telling us it wasn't our time to have a relationship like that, and we were okay with that.

So, when all of my other friends were desperately searching for someone, or anyone, to go to prom with, I was worrying about things that really matter; like grades, and church, and the slowly decreasing sanity of my friends. I couldn't have been happier. My teachers were finally teaching things that I cared about (so things that I actually wanted to study for) and I had visited the school of my dreams (Messiah College) and had started to prepare for an audition into the music program.

Finally the day arrived, May 16th, a Friday, and the day of my prom. No one had asked me to go with them, and I was happy about that (for I was not looking forward to turning someone down). My best friend (a female) had friends who came to my school, so she came along with me. It was a blast. We danced with all of the rest of my friends (who had finally found dates) and ate some food and just had fun. Afterward all of us went to a local diner and had even more fun. No one seemed to care that there were these girls doing the high school unspeakable, going stag to the prom. In fact, some of my friends even wished that they had forgotten about finding a date and had gone stag with us.

In the end, I am now a senior planning to once again go stag to the prom. I live my life searching for what God wants in me, not what some guy does. I take MercyMe's "Spoken For" into my heart and soul "...covered by a love divine, child of the risen Lord, to hear You say, "This one's mine", my heart is spoken for". I couldn't be more at peace with myself and my life, and I am finally letting go of everything that plagues the typical teenager.

So, just remember: God validates your life, not you dating status.