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Roller Coaster
Krissy, 18

I saw a flyer for the world's largest roller coaster ride and the two people in front were holding their hands up over their heads and their mouth wide open. I thought, they are not holding onto the bar in front of them.

Life feels like a real roller coaster ride filled with an endless sequence of ups and downs; joys and sorrow; laughter and tears. But in the midst of all the uncertainties and frustration, one simple message keeps coming through, over and over again. God is in control and there is no safer place to be than in His hands. Hands that care about the tears you cry and the things that sadden you. Hands that can be trusted. Hands that will one day guide us home. That's where we have to place our faith.

You may have heard this, "Faith isn't faith until it's all you're holding on to." On a roller coaster, the ride's creator knows the roughness of the ride you'll take and builds into the coaster a bar that locks in place to hold you secure throughout the entire ride. Sometimes the ride of life can be equally rough. But the creator of life, our heavenly Father, knows every peak and valley, every twist and turn that life can throw at us and has given us a bar to hold onto that will keep us safe and secure throughout our journey. That bar is called faith. And each of us will come to a point at various times in our life when that is all we have to hold onto.

Can you see God's presence and sense the enormity of His gifts to us? Blessings to strengthen us through the bad times. Blessings that lead us to the good times.

So much love. So much grace. And those hands. Hands we must learn to hold onto and trust. Hands that will always be there for us, instantly upon the expression of our need.

Some of you are riding with your hands up off the bar, but every so often all of us will come to that point on the roller coaster ride of life, where we just have to grab onto the bar and hold on for all we're worth. In life, that means taking all our worries and problems and turning them over to God through prayer. But in turning them over to Him, we have to let go of them completely. After all, if we're holding onto them, how can our hands be free to hold on to Him?