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My Hero
Kyle Vahjen, 12

He is read about to comfort troubled hearts. He is praised aloud on Sundays. He brings hundreds of people, his family, together in his house a most wonderful building. He is worshipped and lives in our hearts. Songs lift his name on high. Jesus, the king of kings, is the hero above all heroes.

There are many problems in our lives, but one of the biggest is sin. Everyone, everyday sins. We are all unworthy yet Jesus was sent to live a life free of sin bringing happiness to all who followed him. He died close to being the happiest man alive, except we still didn't follow his example. Jesus lived his life free of sin. He did what no man could do today.

Many people have done great and life changing things in the world, but one stands out above all the rest. To free us from our sin, he gave his life at the cross. He gave his life to give us life everlasting, Kind of ironic, huh. But death could not defeat my hero. He rose again to return to God, but before he left he gave us a gift beyond human comprehension. A part of him was bestowed upon anyone who believed. And that is why he is my hero. For help I can always look inside.

Jesus is many things and fits every characteristic of a hero. He was courageous and strong, as he wore his crown of thorns. He was loving and selfless to give us his life. He is comforting and friendly as we pray to him on lonely nights. He is optimistic and willing to help such unworthy people as we are. He is, most of all, a generous giver, to bring us life everlasting in the heavens with the angels and God. Jesus is a hero in every way.

I love and praise my hero. For in my hero I can look for guidance to living my life to the fullest. I know I can always count on my hero. My hero is alive inside me, and always there.

A hero is someone you can depend on. A hero is someone who gives without expecting anything back. A hero is someone who is always there for you, and in my eyes, Jesus will always be the ultimate hero. He is the ultimate hero for his comforting word, gifts, and loving family and followers. Jesus is the hero above all heroes.