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Pastor Joe

Pastor Joe Giacometti is the youth pastor at New Fairfield United Methodist Church in New Fairfield, Connecticut and a great friend of this ministry. He has been kind enough to produce and allow us to use some great articles focused on youth and youth-related topics. Below is a listing of these articles.

If you'd like to learn more about Pastor Joe, click here.


A Tribute to Retirement

Presents or Presence?

Heaven or Restoration

The Passion

Next Time Think About Jesus

In Memory of an Inspiration - Mike Yaconelli

50 Years From Now

Coping With the Death of Someone You Know

Don't Act Your Age - A Childlike Faith

Follow the Leaders

Luck of the Irish or The Power of Jesus

Olden Days

The Quest for the Christmas Story

Show Some Respect

Smell the Roses

Super Bowl Sunday

Teenage Sweethearts

The World Affected