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So what's life like as a Christian Teen? Well, sometimes it's TeenCoupleawesome, sometimes it's not so awesome. In other words, it's a lot like life as any other teen, only you've got God on your side to get you through the tough times and to show you the way! How cool is that?

Check out articles below, which have been written by teens and teen leaders about what life as a teen is all about, and what God wants your life to be.

Use the links below to access the articles, and don't forget, WE NEED YOU! If you'd like to see your words in "print," please submit them here.

Is Religion an Illusion? What Are You Living For?
Who Killed Jesus? Fresh Air
Fears and Anxieties The Cross Work of Christ
My Hero America's Cultural War
About Dark Times Bow the Knee
The Gathering Roller Coaster
Fighting the Sin Disease The Pearls
Stag to the Prom Keepin' It Real


Far from Home
A Tearful Message Friendship
Answering the Call God There is No Other
Battle Ground Good Enough for God
Best Friend How to Live Holy
Blood on our Heads The Jesus Convention
Christian Dating Listen for the Messages
A Day at Ground Zero My Child
Dealing with Depression Silence
I Didn't Wait Spiritual Gifts
Discovering Ancient Worship Teens and Oral Sex
Everyone Should Know This is Me
Evolution of Underwear What are You Wearing
False Faith Wonderful Life