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Dating: Christian vs. Non-Christian
Kristen, 16

When dating at all as a teenager, it's always hard to find similarities with the person that you like, especially if it’s between religions. I know there have been many times in relationships that it just doesn't work because of the total differences in religions. So, here are some of my own personal experiences within dating Christian and Non-Christians.

Non Christian Dating

I've dated from both extremes of Non Christian guys. The good, the bad and the in-between. So here's what I've learned from it all.

The Bad

I'm going to begin with the bad, just to get it out of the way. I dated a guy who, when I met him, seemed cool with the fact that my trust laid with God, and that God had priority in my life when I had something going on that meant a lot to me. Well, he didn't see it that way. He drank a lot, partied hard, and did drugs behind my back. He cheated on me, and tried pressuring me into sex. But somehow I was dumb enough to stay in the relationship. I guess I was determined to make it work. I felt like being a Christian was what was bringing down the relationship. I tried talking to him about it, and bringing him to Church functions. He wanted nothing to do with it. Actually, it made things a lot worse. I originally thought he would understand, because he was going to a Catholic school, and knew about everything I was talking about. Not having sex until marriage, swearing as little as I could (in my household, swearing is like any other word, so it's always hard...) and just all around, acting like a Christian. Well, even with my efforts, it didn't work. He used my going to work at a bible camp as an excuse to break up with me. Said he couldn't deal with it. Well, my personal opinion on these type of people: They're not worth the time or the pain they put you through. They make you not want to be Christian, to leave it all behind. Our society is like that. Just, try and not let these people knock you down. They're Satan's little minions (haha).

The In-between

I dated another guys who wasn't a Christian, but had no problem with me being one. He didn't believe in God... but he had faith in life and humans itself. That relationship went great, we had a good time together, but realized we were different, and in the end, just stayed as friends. Which works out great anyway. People in-between can be great for you, and show you new things, or they can bring you down. A better example is up next.

Ok, some of the nicest guys I've ever dated weren't Christian, I have nothing against dating people who don't believe the same as I do... one of the guys we sort of believed the same things. My best friend (also ex-boyfriend) is a semi-Catholic... he goes to Church on Easter and Christmas and that's the extent of it. But he still believes in God. He totally understood where my morals stood on anything physical and had no problem understanding that sex wasn't coming until marriage. He tells me all the time that he doesn't know how I do it, and that he just, would never be able to carry it through. He never made fun of me or pressured me into anything, never threw it in my face when I had church functions and couldn't go out. Actually, he even made it to my youth group a couple times. He's definitely one of the nicer ones. He actually helped me grow and after dating the two before him, I was ready to give up on non-Christians, but he restored my faith and I'm still on the road of Teen dating.

Christian Dating

Now, onto the stuff that is supposed to make sense. Just like with Non-Christians, there are come extremities here too. I've dated some really bad Christians, people who saying and preach one thing, and do another. They don't seem bad on the outside, but it can be misleading and bring up bad habits. It's hard dating a Christian who is truthful as well, because there's so many things that people have different opinions on in religion and the minor details of dating within it, it can be frustrating. But in the end, it's worth it. Because you know you're not being pressured into sex, or drugs or anything like that. You don't have to battle with the person to accept your beliefs. It's great. So, overall, it's really pretty much, a crap shoot. You have the good and the bad between everything, and only through going into the teen world and trying your best, and putting it all out on the table, will we learn how people will react. And in the process, we may acquire some more teen Christians, which, right about now, we need.