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Who is Brett Anderson?

My name is brett anderson and I am passionate about God and people.

My nickname is FISH which stands for Faithful In Serving Him and describes the person that I am striving to be. Someone absolutely sold out for 'Him' which refers to Jesus Christ, Who is the reason that I live.

When Jesus walked on earth He said that the reason that He had come was to bring 'Life and life to the full!' and I can honestly say that has been absolutely true of my whole life, from the moment I handed over control and leadership of my life to Him.

Is it always an easy choice? A comfortable way of life? A favourably looked-upon style of living? Not at all. But it is always good. And as I like to say, “Denial may be fun, but good is better!”

Being a Christian means a whole bunch of stuff to me, but I can sum it up by looking at what Jesus said when He summed up Christianity:

'One of them, an expert in the law, tested Him with this question, “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” Jesus replied, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: “Love your neighbour as yourself!” All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.'

So quite straightforward really: LOVE GOD and LOVE PEOPLE! That is the summed up message of Christianity.

On behalf of the Church and Christians across the world I can say that we have messed it up so many times and get it wrong so often, but don't judge Christianity on that. Christianity stands or falls on the person of Jesus Christ – the only One who ever lived without sinning and who died in our place on the cross for our sin... if we choose to accept that and believe in and put our faith in Him.

So I encourage you to take time to look at the life and teaching of Jesus and then make a decision based on that. You will not be disappointed. God is PASSIONATELY in love with you... you don't wanna miss out.

I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world called Cape Town in the bottom left section of an amazing country called South Africa. Amazingly enough I do not live in a tree, or have to avoid lions when I cross the streets every morning to go and draw water from the local communal river spot for the day's cooking over a fire that I had to collect wood for from 3 in the morning...actually I usually just throw something in the microwave while I'm in the shower waiting for my computer to load.

I have an email ministry called 'Thort for the Week' where every week I send out a Christian message aimed at mobilising the church into actively live out what we say we believe in every area of our lives, avoiding compromise and complacency. You can subscribe by emailing me your details at and asking to be added. Most articles are posted here.

I am also an actor/performer in a show called 'TheatreSports' which is the longest running show in Cape Town and currently plays every single Tuesday and Thursday night at the Artscape Theatre in town. Similar to 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' on tv, TheatreSports is an improvised comedy show where everything is made up on the spot, based on suggestions from the audience.

I do a fair amount of writing – for a youth magazine called 'Truth,' occasionally for 'Today' magazine and for the Jesus First website (J1) which has just become a part of I also write for a satirical website called Anastrophe ( which allows me to flex my written funny-bone every now and then. I occasionally pretend to get creative and write the odd poem or song (usually fairly odd...)

I also am the proud owner of the most famous stuffed dolphin in the world called No_bob (was going to call him 'Bob' but he doesn't!) whose web page is now also a part of so check it out. He is currently attempting world domination in the dolphin-fame stakes and let's face it, the only real competition is Flipper, who didn't even get a sequel!

I am a big fan of the writing of Terry Pratchett, in particular the Discworld series (MY FAVOURITE BEING MOVING PICTURES), playing astro hockey with my best buddy Duncan from school and a team called V.O.B., driving all the way around traffic circles (it can only be called a circle if you go the whole way round, surely), appreciating Jack Handy humour, creating new and interesting hairstyles, playing cards (especially a game called Rage) and drinking Tall Wild Mochas at Seattle coffee shop.

I have an absolute dislike and intense hatred of raisins and if you think you're the same... believe me, you don't come close! In fact, the whole squishy-fruit family is not all that good friends of mine, along with carrot cake, peppers, most seafood (except calamari...MMmmm) and general weird foods that fall into the 'Dodgy' category.

[I do have an unusual appreciation of the number 20, Polo, Somerset West and the names Alexandra and Kate!]

Well there you have it – a little bit about me – if you find anything interesting on this site then please don't hesitate to share it with your family and friends and possibly people you bump into at the supermarket or beach. And if you think this is the worst site you've ever seen, then tell everyone you know about it because don't you think everybody deserves to see the worst site you've ever seen...

So make yourself at home (although please leave your raisins at the door), take a look around, check out Thort for the Week, get to know No_bob, hurt yourself laughing at Jack Handy, come visit us at TheatreSports and take a look at some of the other sites I think are pretty well worth checking out.

Above all else, take some time on Jesus Christ. If you don't know Him already then ask Him to reveal Himself to you, because He loves doing that... and if you don't believe He is real or alive or anything, then surely it can't hurt, right? So go on... I DARE YOU!

Thankx for taking the time to get to know me a little. May the fleas of 1000 camels never infest your armpits... unless you love raisins too much!

God Bless You,

Love Brett FISH Anderson and No_bob

Life Verse: Hebrews 12:1-3

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