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What's God Calling You To Do?
Brett Anderson ©2005 is a great site to check out if you have lots of internet time - I, sadly, haven't had much time to check it out much at all folr a long while, but fortunately I have friends who do and forward all the really good articles on to me. This week's thort is just one of those (they have a variety of articles updated daily I think, by a huge pool of writers, and there is the space online to comment honestly on what you've read which is very helpful for the writers and provokes discussion) that really contains some truths I want to share. Hope you enjoy - written by a guy called Pete Greig and titled 'Your Call' "Anyone who says that it is easy to follow Jesus is a liar. He Himself said that the way is narrow. But nothing we forgo in the cause of Christ—wealth, popularity, kudos, not even our very lives— can come anywhere close to the return. The way of discipleship—of covenant commitment and sacrificial worship—is costly and hard.

I was giving a friend a lift in my car one time, and we got to talking about life. "I don't know what God's calling me to do," he confessed, and asked me to pray about what it might be.

"Why?" I asked. "I already know what Jesus wants you to do!"

"You do?" he gasped with ill-concealed excitement. "So, what is it? What's my call?"

I paused, enjoying the suspense. Drums rolled. String quartets tuned up. My friend held his breath…

"Your call," I said slowly, "is to be a worship leader…"

He looked pleased, really pleased, so I continued: "… but not necessarily with a guitar in your hand."

"Okayyy," he murmured.

"Your call is to befriend that funny little lady at the end of your street…"

He seemed less pleased with this prospect.