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How Big is Your God?
Brett Anderson ©2002

I was thinking back this week to a vivid memory stuck somewhere in the outer abscesses of my brain to this one camp I went on when I was in Standard nine I think (16 years old) - it was called a Froggy Pond camp and was run in Cape Town (and still is - well not the same camp, we had to let THOSE kids go home, but a new bunch I'm sure!) by Scripture Union for underprivileged kids and was sponsored by a local newspaper so the kids could go for free.

Anyways, I was sitting with the director at this table the one night when this little kid was brought in for causing some disturbance and had to be disciplined by "The Captain" as the camp leader was called (Why not the "Big Toad?" who knows - I didn't make the rules...) and I remember this little kid standing in front of this big imposing camp leader waiting for his punishment...

And in the sternest of voices Bobby looks at this kid and says to him in a gruff voice "Wys vir my met jou hande hoe groot een kilometer is." [Afrikaans for "Show me using your hands how big a kilometre is" - for overseas types substitute "mile" for kilometre to understand the concept]

It was the funniest thing - I remember seeing him do it to two or three kids over that camp and probably even more impressive was the one little guy who actually tried to show with his hands how big one kilometre was - I thought he was in danger of splitting into two pieces.

My question to you today is "How big is your God?"

And as I remembered back to this story this week for who knows what reason (this one maybe) I thought to myself that in many aspects, for most people, as they get older their God (actually their picture/ understanding of God) seems to get smaller.

I want you to take a moment and think to yourself, really, hurtfully honestly, how big is the God you believe in/worship/serve?

I remember as a kid being told that God is everywhere...

I believed it then!

(Now? So often I live my life - speaking of people, doing things, saying things as if God wasn't right there listening to every word, watching every action)

I remember as a kid being told that God is omnipotent or all-powerful....

I believed it then!

(Now? I get depressed or stressed about the smallest problem or issue in my life... or I spend hours in argument with people DEFENDING God and trying to prove He exists or protect His name)

I remember as a kid being told that God is all Loving...

I believed it then!

(Now? I spend so much time feeling like no one loves me or that I'm not that special or important to anyone)

I remember as a kid being told that this life is temporary and that God has got something far greater in store for me...

I definitely believed that then!

Yet, now I spend so much of my life chasing after money... or filling up my home with gadgets and toys... and living an existence that seems very much focused on the here and now with no thought at all of the real FUTURE...

You know looking at things logically it would seem that I was lied to as a child... because I know that when you get older you're sposed to get more mature and know more stuff and have a greater understanding of life.

But in Truth:

LOGIC SCHMOGIC! It's adults that have been lied to more. One of those lies is believing that we are more mature and clever and wise than kids who "don't know better". One of those lies is maybe still saying we believe each of those "child statements" or having those truths as head knowledge but completely and utterly failing to live out the Truths behind them.

Jesus saw this trend in humans as they grew up to become more self-involved and self-indulgent and self-relying and less God-focussed and He clearly pointed out that children had the answer...

"At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, "Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?" He called a little child and had him stand among them. And He said, "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes a little child like this in My name welcomes Me." and further on "See that you do not look down on these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of My Father in heaven." [Matthew 18:1-5,10]

A big problem in the kids of today is that adults have tried to make them "grow up" faster and faster and so there's a growing number of children who have even lost that ability to just be kids. But we could do worse than tossing off the cares of the world for an afternoon or a day in the holidays and spend some time with kids taking in lessons from their innocence, their acceptance, and their trust...


Or more correctly I suppose, how big do you allow your concept of God to be?

Perhaps it's time to open up that tiny box you keep "your God" in and realise just how big God really is - just as you cannot show with your hands how big a kilometre is, how much less so can you show with your hands or your little understanding how big God is.

Read your Bible, actually listen to the sermon message in church, look at the words of the songs you sing in church...and more importantly spend some time with Him - listening, walking and appreciating His creation, meditating on Him and His Word... and through that as you LET GO and let Him in your picture and idea and concept of Him will slowly start to develop and grow and maybe, just maybe one day you will be able to regain a child-like faith in God and be released from all the garbage and lies of the devil and the world that so subtly take control of you.

How big is your God? Mine is really really big and I'm learning more of that every day, but still have a long way to go before I can be fully grown up and be a child again.

God bless you He loves you and is dying to have you know Him more.

You know what I mean?

<))>< Faithful In Serving Him ><))>