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Thorts by Brett

Brett Anderson produces a weekly article that is distributed to subscribers all over the world. The article is called a "thort," which is a strange word for us in the US, but don't let the name throw you, the content is all glorifying to God, and will make you think.

We're very appreciative at Youth4Him to be lucky enough to be allowed to share some of these Thorts with you. Below are some of the thorts we currently have available, and we will continue to add them here.

If you'd like to learn more about Brett, click here.

The Poor and the Sick Possessions or Relationships?
Setting Free Am I Good Enough for Heaven?
Baptism Theology of God
Thanks Doris Anderson What is a Disciple?
Living Sold Out Outreach
Transforming our World Freedom
Where to Draw the Line A Life of Transformation
Relationships - The Secret Homosexuality
What is God Calling You to Do? Guarding Your Heart
The Most Excellent Way Audience of One
Are We Listening? The Pursuit of God
Works and Worship Time to Wake Up
God's Sovereignty and Prayer Full Armour of God
Hey, Where's Your Bible? God's Will
Whom Will You Serve? Balance
Integrity How Simple Can it Be
Spiritual Disciplines Abortion Through Your Eyes
Working Together God's Point
It's All About God Dealing with Eating Disorders
Being a Christian is Like Having an S.T.D Clearing Away Sin/Thorns in Our Lives
How Hot are You for Him? How to Make God Laugh
You Know What WWJD Should Mean? Sharing Christ
All Are Welcome? Accountability
How Big is Your God? God Wants to Use You
Who You Are Purity