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Bow the Knee
Pastor Jack Hoffman ©2003

It was conceived in the heart of Lucifer - this seed of selfish pride. He had tired of fulfilling the whims of what he thought to be an old, archaic Spirit. He would no longer bow before the One who was Love. This germ of a thought became an all-consuming desire. Lucifer loathed God. How he hungered for the glory that only Jehovah possessed. His rebellious spirit, like an infectious disease, quickly spread embracing one third of the angelic beings in its deadly poison. No longer would they pay homage either.

Then, finding that the Almighty was just that, Almighty, he was cast down. Down, down he fell to this earth. Old Lucifer’s hatred deepened. His bitterness became the gall he drank so freely off. Now, Satan, he was pacing the earth one day when to his mild surprise he learned of the creation of man. “Ah ha” he mused, “I can finally hurt the heart of the old One.” Quickly finding the place of man’s abode he also helped infect the human race with rebellion. Thus began a titanic conflict that would last milleniums. It was a struggle over to whom the knee would be bowed. Who would be true to the Lord God and who would fall before Satan? The longer the conflict raged, the hotter the fire of jealousy fanned in the heart of the insidious serpent. “I will be God!” “I will be worshipped!”

Satan began a campaign to have mankind kneel before him. Every individual was approached and tempted to reject their Creator and to vow allegiance to the seducer. Many did so, but oh so many did not. Hearts afire with love for their Savior and Lord, they would not bow before the father of lies. Their names are different, but their stories are very similar. When faced with the most dire of consequences and even sure death, or the option to kneel and kiss in homage the ring of wickedness, they would not bend, they would not pucker the lip.

There was righteous suffering Job who would not curse his God nor change his allegiance. Moses and the children of Israel putting Egypt and its impotent deities behind and finding on Mount Sinai the Only True God. Youthful David unafraid, twirling his sling before a blaspheming giant. Three Hebrew children in Babylon refusing to insult the Sovereign of their souls when told to bow before the image of the accuser of the brethren. Daniel the prophet throwing political correctness to the wind while humbly and openly remembering His Lord three times a day, and Mordecia staunchly upright in his defiance of Hamaan. No matter how tempting an offer came their way, prophet after prophet would not compromise nor turn from appointed task.

Oh yes Satan succeeded in making many into tyrants and murderers. He filled the earth with his lies and his deception was so well disguised that some never did see the truth. But, he could not get those who had tasted of the grace of God, those who had found in Jesus life everlasting, to kneel before him. The disciples, rather than turning back when Jesus ascended, turned Jerusalem and the entire world upside down with their dogged allegiance to the Lamb of God.
So, Satan brimming with hate attempted to fill with fear those who followed Christ. Persecution intensified. The crosses of the Roman Empire became blood-soaked as upon them the life of godly people ebbed. Arenas were filled with gentle believers being fed to lions or slaughtered by gladiators. Throughout the years the stake glowed bright with the embers of saints who would not recant. The centuries passed while over and over again that malignant spirit kept seeking worship but could not get it from the children of God. They would not yield their hearts to anyone other than the One that is Love personified.

The day is coming, in which, in one last desperate effort Satan will demand this world to fall before him, to accept his mark, or die. And die they will, by the thousands and thousands, a multitude of redeemed souls devoted only to the Lamb. There will be no dirt on the white linen of the redeemed. They will not blemish their robes of righteousness. They will not bow until that day in which, surrounded by walls of jasper they shall fall down upon golden avenues and lift up holy hands of praise to the only true God.

And in that day, by the very power of the Almighty, that foul creature that has plagued this universe and tormented this world and destroyed the lives of millions will be taken and brought before the presence of God. We shall see him as he comes writhing and fighting all the way. Cursing the very God who created him. Jehovah will silence that lying spirit and bringing him before His throne, we shall join all creatures great and small, natural and supernatural, human and angelic to witness what follows. We shall hear the voice of the Father more thunderous in volume than all the combined waterfalls of this world, speaking clearly for all creation to hear, fulfilling His prophetic word: “that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow.” In the sweetness of that moment, when that wonderful, precious, sacred and powerful name is uttered, we shall finally see… SATAN BOW THE KNEE!