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The Blood on Our Heads
Shane, Struck Mute Ministries

I am responsible for the collapse of the buildings in New York City, and for the subsequent deaths that resulted. It's my fault America. Church, family, friends, mom and dad, I'm sorry. I can do nothing but repent, and repent I must.

Now of course, I was not the one piloting the planes as they slammed into the World Trade Center, stripping the Spirit of Life from thousands of people. Nor was I a member of an extreme fundamentalist group, which spent years plotting these viscous acts. But my guilt is no less prevalent, and I should not go without punishment. Therefore I present myself before you, deal with me, as you must.

"How can he say these things?" you ask. "Has this man gone completely mad?" "Where on earth has he come up with this notion?" Well here's your answer; the Bible says so. I am only stating a fact. Oh, and by the way, you're to blame as well.

In the beginning of Acts chapter 18 we see Paul in Corinth during his second missionary journey. The text says that every Sabbath he would try to reason with both the Jews the Greeks about Christ, trying to persuade them. But as he continued to do so the crowds became increasingly abusive. We can only assume that the angry crowd pushed Paul to the ground forcing him to pick himself up and shake the dust out of his clothes. Then, with the full brunt of Paul's "righteous anger" coming to the surface, he proclaimed to the crowd; "Your blood be on your own heads! I am clear of my responsibility." And with this Paul withdrew from those men, and moved on with his ministry.

The implications of his statement are so profound, yet we often fail to recognize them while "glossing over" Scripture. Nonetheless there is a fundamental, and inescapable, Biblical truth in that statement that we must realize! Until Paul relieved himself of his responsibility, who's head was the blood of those men on? Who was accountable for the eternal well being of their souls? Paul was!! And Paul not only understood this full well, but accepted it.

Which is where I am forced to draw the conclusion that the blood of this entire world currently rests on our heads. We as believers are responsible for the eternal state of every single human being on this planet. You and I have a responsibility to carry out, and if we fail those people we claim to love so very much will spend the rest of their eternity in hell. Are you ready to accept that responsibility?

The truth of the matter is, we live in a sick and dying world that is in desperate need of a cure. The treatment for this cancerous hemorrhage known as sin is the salvation that can only come through Christ. And Christ has made it so that He can only come through us. We have the very thing that this world needs to survive. Not to live in peace and harmony, not to succeed as a species, not to evolve to the "next level", but to escape death! And as long as you and I keep this antidote under the lock and key of our silenced tongues, we are literally sending this world to hell, one individual at a time.

I am just now realizing my calling. If the church as a whole continues to be ignorant of it's own responsibility, the blood of this world will not only be on our heads, it will be on our hands as well.