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Who is Your Best Friend?
Carrie, 16

As kids we are always taught that Jesus is the Son of God, the King of Kings, the Savior, etc. But as teens we are always searching for a more personal definition. What I have found is that Jesus in more than those things: he is our best friend.

As teens, we trust our friends more than our parents sometimes. Jesus is better than even the best friend you could ever have. He would never tell anyone else the secrets we told him, or leave you for another friend that is cooler or more fun than you are. You can tell him anything, and he is sworn to secrecy. Even if other friends try to give you good advice, his advice really works out for the good every time. Jesus will never leave you as it says in Romans 8:38 ("I am convinced that nothing can separate us from God's love which Jesus Christ our Lord shows us.") And Hebrews 6:10 ("God is fair. He won't forget what you've done or the love you've shown for him..."). In fact, in Revelation 19:11, John even says that Jesus is the rider of a white horse and is named Faithful and True ("There was a white horse, and its rider is named Faithful and True."). He is always there when we need him. Unlike other friends, he never goes on a vacation and is always available to talk. He is just a whisped prayer away. You don't even have to speak to get in touch with him. You just have to think about your prayer and he has already received it. He made the ultimate sacrifice so we could have eternal life. He has already forgiven us from our sins, even before we make them. That is more than anyone can say about their friends.