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Answering the Call
Krissy, 18

If I were a CEO of a large corporation, then you would all be My Public Relations Officers. As with a corporation, it would be expected of you to know the smallest detail of the corporation's products, services, strengths and weaknesses. You'll have to know its policies and procedures. You would have to know the will and desires of the CEO - you would have to KNOW the CEO; be inside his head; know what he would want in all circumstances. At all times your work would be to create and maintain a good public image - that all-inclusive goal that promotes (the) business.

I want you to realize that I have similarly endued you with the authority to speak on behalf of My Kingdom. I have revealed Who I am; I have revealed all the 'policies and procedures' of My Kingdom through My Word. Each of you is called to duty. Wherever you go, what ever you do - you go and do as representatives of My Kingdom. Whether it's maintaining a relationship with your spouse or children; or touching the lives of others; whether it's interceding, preaching, teaching, etc; or whether it's simply walking down the street... Let all your going and let all your doing be to the fulfillment of My Word; to the glory of My Name and My Kingdom.

Am I not within you? Do I not go where you go? As My representatives, what do others see? Do they see you? Do they see Me? You are to bear My Presence wherever you go. By My Spirit, you are the vessels bearing My miracle making power. Do you want others to be healed as your shadow passes over them when you pass them by? Do you want healing power to flow through you as others touch your garments?

Then bear your cross; 'be' Me to the world. Be the oil of gladness and healing. Be the love, tenderness and grace of Father. Reveal not My heart but let your heart become My heart. This I am calling you to do - not because of your righteousness - but because of the wickedness of the world.

The fullness of My Kingdom on earth is fast approaching - as the wickedness of the world is increasing. We cannot afford spare or decorative parts in My Body. Fully active, power bearing, miracle making Body parts are now required. You are to be the saltshakers and the salt, the light bearers and the light. Yes, I know this sounds like doing 'double duty', but have I not said My yoke is light? For those fighting evil and suppression by human means, it will be like double duty. However, for those WHO COME TO ME FIRST in worship, fill your heart with Mine, and ask My counsel - for those My yoke breaking anointing and power will flow graciously, abundantly and powerfully.

This is a serious call. This is where the crucifying of self really comes on the scene. I want you to 'be' Me to and in the world. Only by truly supplanting your heart with Mine, can you effectively (spiritually) achieve what I am calling you to. Consider carefully before you answer. Consider this to be a job advertisement for Public Relations Officers for My Kingdom. Rewards are (eternally) high - just as high as the sacrifice you'll be expected to make.... Any takers?

"Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." Matthew 11:29-30