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How Can You Help?

We are Nelson Kidsfast learning that we are unable to provide Andrew the care he needs and time for our daughters and still manage all the daily tasks that need to get done to maintain our household. We have been told many times, “Please let us know who we can help!.” We have compiled this list to provide ideas for ways that you can help us.

If you can help us in any of these or other ways, please call Margaret Beatty at 232-3837 (thank you, Margaret for graciously agreeing to organize our support.)

Ways You Can Help

  • Prayer! It might seem cliché, but more than anything your prayer support will help us all a great deal. If God cannot help us, who can?
  • Take the Girls on Outings like to the park, to the zoo, roller-skating, the pool, etc. They need an escape too.
  • Providing an occasional meal.
  • Pick Up Groceries for us if you are going out anyway. Just call and ask if we need anything while you’re at the store and bring it by. When Andrew’s at home, Melissa can’t get out for the milk and bread.
  • Anything Else you think might be helpful.