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A.C.T.S. Prayer

Ever get all set up to go to God in prayer, and when the time comes, you find yourself either at a loss for words, or thinking about other things? We've all done that.

Another potential problem is simply going to God with the "gimme's". "Lord, I need help here, and can you please take care of this, etc."

So, how are you supposed to pray? Thanks to Dr. Bill Bright, the founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, we have an excellent method of going to prayer that will keep us focused, and allow us to give glory to God with every word and every thought. It's called A.C.T.S.

Let's break that down...


The dictionary defines adoration as the act of worship and profound love or regard. Rather than beginning your prayer time asking God to do something for you, begin by giving Him the praise and adoration He so richly deserves.

"Dear Lord, we praise you for all your wondrous glory, mercy, love and grace."


This is your time to confess to God those sins you have committed. These don't have to be the big ones, even sins like jealousy or envy, being quick to anger, lust, etc.
"Lord, I know I have failed to be the kind of person you made me to be."


One of the best ways for you to praise God is to give thanks for the awesome blessings He has given you.

"Thank you so much for the many blessings you have given me, Lord. I thank you for my family, my friends, my health, and especially Lord, for your Son, Jesus, who has saved me."


After all that, it is time now to ask God to take care of you, and your needs, and the needs of others. Make sure you begin by praying for others before yourself, you will find it very rewarding. Don't forget to pray for those that may be against you, and for your teachers, your parents, and your friends. Then, pray for your own needs.

"Lord, I lift up to you our great nation. I pray Lord, that you will be with our President, and guide his hands and his mind in making this country the best it can be. I pray for the man who hates me because I love you. I pray for those suffering for their love for you. I pray, Lord, that I will be a light in this world, and that I will live as an example to others of your great love."

"It is in your Son Jesus' most precious and Holy name that I pray. Amen"